Addicted to social media?



People tell you your addicted to your phone? That you can’t leave the phone? Well maybe you’re addicted. Social Media has a lot of benefits like instant communication and long distance communication but like all, is good when you have limits. The addiction of social media is affecting 80% of the American population.

So, are you a social media addict? If at least 4 of following list apply to you, you should slow down the use of the phone.

1- My best friend

Your phone is your best friend and you sleep with him on the bed.


2- Ignore love one’s

When you decide that the person on the phone is more important than the person next to you it really is a problem. Live the moment, enjoy life and your love one’s.

3- Publish everything

You publish every single detail of your day, if the food wasn’t good or if you fight with someone. This is a NO-NO! And you need to be careful with what you put in your accounts, remember that you don’t know how this information can get in bad hands.

4- Eating and navigating

The moment of eating is so satisfying and important. I think is one of the best things to do in life, so why are you giving the time to enjoy your food? Stop scrolling your timeline, there is no difference in watching the phone 20 minutes from now.

5- Desperation

Do you ever feel desperate if your phone doesn’t have battery? Do you feel bad if you are in a place without internet service? Does this desperation affect your mood? You feel like something is wrong? Well this is a major problem! Your phone can’t control your state of mind and well being.

6- Low Battery

Is your phone always 20% or less? And don’t get me wrong some smartphones have better battery but if you have an addiction the model or label of the smartphone is not important.  If you have to charge your phone at least 3 times a day you need to limit the usage.

7- Don’t want to come out!

Do you say “I don’t want to come out” just because you feel connected to people on the internet and social media? Do you prefer to talk with someone in messenger or WhatsApp instead of visiting, calling or going out with them? Well you either enjoy time alone and relax or have a fake feeling of socializing by the social media.

8- Your good morning and good night

Forget about thinking on your crush fist thing in the morning! You rather have those first minutes to see what other are posting and who interacted with you while you were sleeping. And sometimes even if you are tired and want to sleep

9- Ignore Task

It’s important that you set your priorities and put them first. If your have to study, clean, work but you rather are in social media in time it could be a problem, because you are creating a habit. Give attention on the priorities and put social media in the hobby list.

10- Taking risks

Have you been driving or crossing the street while you are on social media? It could sound normal but is not. I really dangerous and your putting your life or someones life at risk.


The network and social media is not bad, i thinks is one of the most wonderful things man created to communicate. Its fun and keeps us informed but like all you need to set limits, if not it could create a dangerous habit. You can’t let technology control your life. The first thing is to realize you have a problem, later you can start by limiting the time you are connected. Start enjoying your surroundings, your love ones and live every moment at your fullest.

Keep a balance and everything is going to be alright!

You can do it!



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