Dalí Museum visit

I got a trip to Florida in January and had so much fun. I went to the Museum of one of my favorite artist of all times, Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí. Known as “Dalí”. He was the father of surrealism and a brilliant artist.

As soon as you walk-in you see this incredible helical stairs, recalling the obsession of Dali with spirals and the double helical shape of the DNA molecule.

DNA Stairs
DNA Stairs

He was so incredible. See the details in this painting.


Nieuw Amsterdam (Bust of White Eagle)

This is a very interesting piece, it was created in 1974 when Dali was forced to go to the US when in the Second World War, he painted the bronze bust of the Native American, Chief White Eagle.


This is one of my favorite paintings, Lincoln in Dalivision.

This is a lithographic piece were Gala (his love and muse) is contemplating the Mediterranean Sea which at 20 meters is transformed into the portrait of Abraham Lincoln.

See the close-up

Lincoln in Dalivision

Now in 20 meters


See some of my favorite paintings in the museum:

If you want to visit the Dali museum you can buy tickets here.

Hope you enjoy!

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