Adventures in Cuba

Since I was little I was told that one country was very similar to my island, Puerto Rico and that was Cuba. Through the course of my life I’ve heard many stories and historical moments from this country.  My curiosity was big… so big that when I first saw the opportunity I bought a ticket…

And so..

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Here’s a scoop of my adventures in Cuba!


Snapseed 4

The most beautiful structure in the Havana is the “Teatro Nacional”.

Is breathtaking…

SnapseedHistorical places:

  • Teatro Havana
  • Morro Castle
  • Museum of Revolution
  • Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes
  • El Capitolio
  • Havana Cathedral
  • El Templete
  • Palacio del Segundo Cabo
  • Plaza de Armas
  • Museum of Pharmacy Habanera



One of the things you need to admire is the architectual desing, inspired in the spanish culture from the days Cuba was colonized by Spain.

Snapseed 6

The yellow building in this image is the  “Cervecería” aka a brewery. When I went it wasn’t working unfortunately. But is one of the places you need to go.


  • La bodeguita
  • La Floridita
  • Cervecería Plaza Vieja


Calle del Obispo is one of the most famous streets of Havana. There you can find a lot of stores, museums and mini markets.

To walk and shop:

  • Calle Obispo (Obispo St)
  • Antiguos Almacenes de Depósito San José “La feria”

Snapseed 2

This is a painting of Ernesto “Che” Guevara, the most important figure in Cuban history. He was the major figure in the Cuban Revolution.


Havana, Cuba is like a trip through time… I traveled to the 50’s. My taxi was a 50’s Cadillac.

Snapseed 11

My favorite spot to eat was Hostal y Paladar El cañonazo (my favorite).

My dish was “Lomo de cerdo en salsa con piña” and it was heaven in my mouth.


  • Los nardos
  • Toros y Tapas
  • Hostal y Paladar El cañonazo (my favorite)


At night you have to go to “The Morro” were you can experience the “Cañonazo” at 9:00pm. I got soaked because of the storm that fell…Lol


Here are some of the pictures I took of Havana.



Aditional Information:

  • Don’t travel heavy
  • Change as much cash as you can. (pay all yout trip in CUC)
  • Don’t video record people without a permit.
  • Don’t ask about religion or politics
  • If you want to go to the beach go to Varadero.
  • My hotel experience was great, strongly recommended –  Habana Riviera.
  • Must have: sunscreen and mosquito repelent.


Cuba is a big adventure that everyone should experience.

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