The Importance of Colors in Branding

When you decide to make a brand it’s important to understand the whole process. Sometimes we like things in a personal way but maybe it’s not what the business really needs. You need to understand the the main purpose of your company, brand or product, the necessities it’s going to fill and the target you wish to speak.

People underestimate the physiology of colors, but this is key.

You can increase recognition and drive purchase decisions to the consumers though colors.




Marketing impact

Red is a daring and powerful color, it triggers appetite and attracts attention. Stimulates people to buy. It is often used in signs and clearing sales. Marketers use the active reaction to create excitement towards the product or brand.

Red also can raise the human pulse rate measurably when they see it.If you want immediate attention use this color.





Marketing impact

Blue is my favorite color and it’s the favorite for most people. I love that this color can give a sense of calmness and serenity.  In marketing the blue color is the color of trust. Conveys professionalism and strength. Blue is linked with decreasing appetite, and hence it is not frequently used in fast food companies.




Marketing impact


This is such a happy color, the color of the sun and the sunflowers. It’s impact is very friendly too. Its could grab the attention of window shoppers and stimulates mental processes. Yellow can be a masculine or western color.

If you want to give a sense of happiness or optimism this is the color for you.





Marketing Impact

Orange is a creative and kind-friendly color. It creates buzz and calls to action. The orange is very cheerful and trustworthy color. It’s a very fun color and it works a lot for impulsive shoppers. Orange can represent a confident, happy, energetic brand. It gives you a sense of excitement and enthusiasm brand.





Marketing impact

The green eggs and ham…

The color of nature gives a feeling of tranquility. It’s also the color of growth “money”. Its used by financial brands. This color can also be used in health companies. Constitutes health, fertility and relaxation. The human brain perceives green to increase productivity.

It’s the favorite color used by eco-friendly products and brands.



7Marketing Impact

This is very classy and premium color, it conveys professionalism. The black color often signifies intelligence and authority. If you want a brand that communicates simplicity and balance this is the right color. This color gives a sense of high quality and luxury. The black color is power, strength and authority.

The white color represents purity, innocence and cleanliness.

The grey color gives a sense of timeless, practical and neutral brand.

The brown color represents reliability, stability and friendship.




The Importance of Colors in Branding

Marketing Impact

The brand who wants to project diversity, to represent different languages, countries and offerings. Use this color to stand out and attract all kinds of people. This brand is mostly used by internet based companies.




Remember to cover all the bases when you want to create a brand.


Good luck!

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