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How to avoid stress at work

Get enough sleep

When you get enough sleep your brain functions better. Work stressors are magnified when we’re sleep-deprived. Your goal needs to be eight hours of sleep. Sleeping well can help you visualize strategies, stay focus and boost your energy.

Eat well

Food is the gasoline to the human body. Understand this, eating well doesn’t mean eating only salad, it’s eating whole foods, protein and fruits, which leads to a balanced diet. Some studies indicate that processed food can cause us to feel anxious and even contribute to ADD.


Physical activity is extremely necessary; More than just looking physically good it releases dopamine. Stretch, take a walk, dance, do whatever you want. If you are really stress at work you can walk around the office. Doing so gets your blood and endorphins flowing. Final result: happy mood!

Stay grateful

Nothing is perfect, things will go wrong throughout our workday, or at least not according to plan. You always have the option to focus on this negative events or to just focus on the process of learning and admiring it’s a process. For example: I went to a fashion event and the sponsors of the brand gave me what they called the “Jar of Happiness”, this was a jar where you where supposed to put a note with what made you feel happy each day and it really works. At least for me! We need to ALWAYS remind ourselves what makes us happy and feel grateful, wanting to do them more frequently and developing the state of mind that is going to make us SMILE and be BETTER every single day.


Many people confuse spirituality with religion and those are two different topics. A person can have spirituality and not belong to any specific religion. To enter the spiritual state you can meditate, pray or do yoga. The main goal is to get to know yourself and connect with that intangible part of you. You can do it!

Meditation is the key not only for avoiding stress at work, but also for everything that causes stress in life.  It can help lower blood pressure, control your thoughts and stay relaxed. The next time you get stressed because of the overflowing to-do list, STOP, shake out your body, sit back and meditate for five minutes. Focus on your breathing and try to clear your mind.

Stay creative

As a human you need to detox yourself from stress, a good way to do this is to stay creative. Being an adult does not mean that you should be less creative, more boring and to stop doing the things that at a given moment caused you to have fun. Something as simple as drawing, inventing when you are cooking, writing or making a vision board will help you . It is important that you do not lose this part that gives so much meaning to life.

Stay organized

Avoid being disorganized at all costs. Having a lot of work is no excuse for disorganization. Social media say that being disorganized is part of the creative mind, THIS IS NOT TRUE. You can be a creative person and stay organized.

Disorganization causes many problems, stress among them. It’s important to feel that you are fulfilling your duties and you don’t forget something important. Take control over the things you have to do, especially at work. It does not matter what method you use, as long as it works for you. You can use notes on the computer, on the phone or in a notebook. Sticky notes works for me!

The important thing is that you identify the things you have to do and make a list . Remember to identify which are the things that are priority.

Stay away from trouble

Some people think it is mandatory to make friends when you’re at work and this is totally wrong. You go to work to work, you don’t go to make friends and I’m not saying can’t talk to others, you can’t make a joke from time to time or do not share with co-workers. I am saying that when you go to work, stay focused, avoid problems, avoid criticizing, gossiping or any type of activity that does not take place in an office or a work space.

Besides if you want success you need to value your time, time gossiping is time wasted. Think about it! You’re spending time talking about a situation or a person when that time you could be increasing your knowledge or completing your tasks. You have to know how to identify that there are other places to do that or just do it at all, nothing good comes from it. Also avoid talking about personal problems while you are working, sometimes it seems natural because they are the people you see almost every day, but try to have control of the information that comes out of your mouth.

Maintain a workspace free of conflicts and misunderstandings.

Ask for Help

Many people think that asking for help means weakness or lack of professionalism. Understand that we are human and we are not perfect, that sometimes we need a little help. Similarly when you do not understand how to do something or do not have the tools to finish a job, ask for help. This does not mean that you will always be asking for help, my recommendation is that you look everywhere for the answers and when you think there is no way to do it on your own, ask for help.

Make sure you tried to know on your own first. Asking for help when needed is not bad, in fact it can help us in many areas of life, not just working life.


Take a time out

When you feel that you have a lot of stress, that you do not get what you are trying to do at work or that you are going to explode, don’t lose control. There are moments in the work that one would like to start screaming, throwing everything and giving up, but that is the right moment that you have to show that you know what to do in those certain moments.

As the emotional capacity of the human being is not perfect and has its limits, it’s important that you take measures. Life was made to live healthy, work doesn’t have to cause you so much stress. When you reach these points that you feel you can’t do anything, stop and take a step back. You can walk outside the office, meditate, write down on paper everything you are feeling and what is causing it or what you understand works for your mind to take a few seconds of relaxation. Also is important to take those days of vacations, you have a life outside work, spend time with the family, travel, enjoy your time, enjoy your life.

It’s important to have balance and take time when is necessary. Anyway, if you work like that it is almost provable that the work you are doing does not do as well as if you did it calmly.

It’s important to identify the areas you can improve.

Stay stress free my friends.






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