Want to be a leader?

Leadership is the ability and willingness to lead a person, a group or a company to a common purpose. Many people confuse been a boss with been a leader, you don’t have to be a boss to be a leader and sometimes it’s better to become a leader if you want to be successful in life.

The leaders have very good qualities, if you want to know how to be one, you need to practices this:


It’s really easy this days to make an agreement and don’t take it seriously. No matter how small the agreement is, you need to keep it. To stay compromise is so much more than just making the deadline. You need to be focus on the goal, pay attention to details and have clear objectives. Dedication is part of the compromise and if you want others to be dedicated you have to first star with yourself.


Without a good communication no one can lead. A leader is eloquent, talks strait to the point, send a clear message and makes sure it has reached the sender in the right way, not leaving gaps. A leader talks to the eye, speaks the truth, speaks with confidence and should always be the example to others, speaking with respect and empathy.


The quality of been king and generous is one of the things that difference a good and a bad leader. If you want to lead you need to know your team, you need to get on their shoes and be empathic. You can’t be a leader and be selfish. Sometimes bosses don’t understand this because they focus only on the goal and not in the process of getting you team to that goal the best way possible. A person who works happy, works well and with more passion. Therefore if the team stays passionate the result will be a lot better.


A good leader is constantly growing. A person who thinks that he already knows everything and that there is no way to achieve something better considering what others say, will never be leaders. A leader has the ability to keep his mind open to new ways to achieve something, learn new things, to experience new routes and to know better about their surroundings. A leader who does not know what he learns, always reading, searching and experimenting. A leader on several occasions is nomad, does not like to stay for a long time in one place because you do not learn much staying in a comfort zone. A leader travels, learns from cultures, learns languages, takes other companies as an example, learns from the mistakes of others and their strengths.

Books you can read:


Passion is an emotion that comes from within you. Passion is what difference people happy at work or people who work just to make money and pay their bills. The person who wants to be a leader must always remain passionate about what he does, for his work, for his idea and for his team. He or she must have the ability to be able to pass on their passion to others so that the goal can be reached and exceeded. Passion is your enthusiasm, your drive and your motivation.  So if you want to be a leader you need to know what your passion is, you can’t lead something you don’t like.


One of the most recognized communication problems throughout history is not listening. A good leader always listens. Always remember that you do not know everything, that every day you learn something new, if you do not learn a better way to achieve something, you learn better the way of thinking of another person. Always keep in mind that listening is a win-win. When a person speaks to you, look him in the eyes, keep your cell phone to one side, avoid distractions and try to understand the point of view of the person.


Initiative is what turns a leader into a successful person. A person without initiative will never achieve much in life. Training yourself to be able to get out of bed with a clear intention of what you want to achieve, the ability to risk, to learn something new, to do and create something new. The mental capacity to think that you can achieve it and that if you don’t succeed you will learn something along the way. A leader always stays alert to all changes, thinks about how to simplify processes, to start new projects, to take challenges and risks. A leader has the ability to take an idea and turn it into action.


The leaders have a clear vision. Any human can achieve what he wants, but first he has to visualize. The vision starts from within, from the security you have in you and how to make a vision an achievement. Walt Disney would never have achieved his empire without a clear vision of what he wanted. A leader has the ability to see beyond what others do not see, looking for solutions, alternate routes and the way to achieve what is proposed. A leader has a clear purpose, knows the values of a company, has organizational direction and inspires others. A leader knows his team well and knows how to get the best out of them. A leader with vision is a leader with success.


This is one of the most challenging qualities because of all the things that can happen on the way. A leader has the ability to stay positive even when he doesn’t achieve exactly what he wants when he wants,  he knows there will always be a way and if there is not, it is because something better could be achieved. All living creatures (including humans) work with vibrations, as if it were a frequency. When you maintain a positive mind, you attract positive just like a vibration or like a boomerang. What you think, you become. The leaders don’t compare or compete with each other, the leaders compete with themselves to become better.


The ability to solve a problem is something that many times challenges us. I tell my students that to solve a problem they have to think like they are making a scientific method. The first thing to do is identify the problem, know how that problem is affecting and who is affected, list the possible solutions and begin to identify what can happen with each of them, evaluate the strongest and take into account the consequences, the more you understand you can use it and if it does not work take another, until you solve the problem. On many occasions we think that we do not have options, but there are always options, what happens is that we do not always like them. A leader will not only succeed in solving or minimizing a problem, a leader will look for ways to avoid it from the beginning.

This is my method

10 Qualities-6

and remember…

Leadership is not a position or a title, it is action and example.

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