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Work Style Fall-Winter 2019

Minimalistic, Monochromatic and Down to Earth are some of the styles for this Fall-Winter season.

Art with Adora-2

Trying to express your personality in what you’re suppose to wear for work sometimes can be a little tricky. It all depends on the attire code implemented in your work. Here are some trends that can be used to express fashion and style -the best way- without looking unprofessional. Using the monochromatic style or earth colors, each with their own composition can make you look trendy. I will resume some of the designers’ collections of the New York Fashion Week that can be used in the professional world.


Ferretti affirms that this collection was made to encourage women to dare and embrace the freedom of style. This was one of my favorite collections of the entire NYFW. These looks inspire a classic and elegant sense with a fashion twist.



Emilia was inspired in The Godfather’s character, Mary Corlene. This is one of my favorite pieces of her collection. She used the monochromatic style focused on the brown color. You can also use this style in vibrant colors out of work.



This collection was inspired in Lagerfeld, who recently passed away. They use a neutral palette, high-waist pants and big bows. Here is an exquisite example of true fashion you can use at work. No cleavage, no short skirts and colors that represent professionalism.



Let’s talk about complementing the look! Dolce and Gabanna’s collection for this fall season was named Eleganza and it focused on women using menswear fabrics. In this look you can see the polka dots handkerchief in the neck. This is a piece that says it all and changes the entire outfit. Hats like the one in the picture are also trending, not so much inside the office, but is a great accessory when you’re out.



Beckham came in this collection with a combination of grays and browns, as well as the combination of this neutral colors with vibrant colors. She used high waisted pants, pencil skirts, scarfs and check prints. You can apply these tips and trends in the business world, but be careful with the vibrant colors. Try not to use more than one at a time.



Ignore the mask, it’s just a runway artifice. Focus on the print, color and style. This collections is also using the waist nipped and neutral colors styles. As well the use of prints, like the one shown in the left picture. Other prints coming for this fall-winter season are:

  • Pinstripes
  • Gingham
  • Tartan


Remember that style comes with you personality. Use these tips and trends when they spark the interest in you. One of the best visionaries once said:

“Fashion you can buy, but style you possess.”

Iris Apfel



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