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Good First Impression

Meeting the family of your couple, a new co workers or presenting yourself to a important person? Keep reading this, it will help you though any situation.

There’s no second chance to make a good first impression. Studies may vary on the exact time a person evaluates and haves a conception of you, but it’s said that it takes between 25 – 30 seconds from the first time you interact with them.

3 main components can wrap up what you need to focus in order to give a very good impression:


First of all, be on time! If you have an appointment this is the first impression of commitment an responsibility you can give.

Let’s talk about the way you present yourself with clothing. It’s important to dress appropriately according to where your going, at what time and for what (job interview, company party etc). The way we dress in the professional world has changed a lot since the leaders of companies understood that the way you dress has nothing to do with the potential someone can bring to the table, but obviously there are some limits, after all you’re representing the company.

If you’re not really sure of what to expect go business casual, it will be the safest choice. Some of the details you need to focus on clothing are:

  • Brush your hair
  • Smell good
  • Clean nails
  • Avoid wrinkled clothes
  • Avoid clothes that don’t fit
  • Avoid strap shirts
  • Avoid short skirts
  • Avoid open-toed shoes
  • Avoid “baggy” clothes
  • Avoid cleavage



Human psychology and the body language, this is tricky. The humans evaluate everything of your body language and sometimes they don’t even know it. The way you stand is a peculiar way to say “I’m confident” or “I’m tired”. It’s important to stand tall! You can also use the mirroring reactions, use a friendly and approachable smile, this will open doors, trust me. If you need a push of confidence you can use a power pose, put your hands on your hips, legs out in a V shape, shoulders and back straight, and chin slightly up.


The way you speak will give the rest of the impression, they will finally evaluate your thoughts. First of all, speak clearly and don’t leave anything for misinterpretation. To express confidence talk directly in the eye and use an even tone, avoid getting loud or overreacting. Avoid using filler words such as “um’” or “so” or filling in gaps with “like” or “you know”, this could give the impression that you’re not so knowledgeable. If you need time to compose your thoughts, simply pause, or restate the question. Try to maintain a positive conversation, this would let them know you’re good company.



A good first impression can work wonders.

J K Rowling

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